How Much Does the Average Security System Cost?

How Much Does the Average Security System Cost?


When it comes to purchasing a Max Video & Security security system for businesses, you will have to decide on several factors. These include the installation fees, activation fees, and video surveillance cameras. These are all factors that are incorporated into the cost of the system. You can find out what kind of system will suit your specific needs by reading the information provided below. Whether you are looking for a simple alarm system or one with advanced features, you'll need to take these factors into consideration.

Cost of a security system

While you might think that the cost of a security system for businesses is relatively inexpensive, it turns out that the cost can vary a lot. Depending on your needs and the area that your security system covers, the price of a business security system can run anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The following article provides an overview of the price range for a business security system. This information can help you determine whether a security system is right for your business.

Intrusion detection systems typically include motion sensors, alarm keypads, and control panels. The hardware costs approximately 60 percent of the total cost. The rest is general labor, which covers additional components and additions to the security system. The cost of an intrusion detection system varies based on the size of the business. Older buildings are more difficult to adapt to the security system schematic than newer buildings. However, outdoor security systems require additional installation labor because they must withstand weather and intentional vandalism.

Installation costs

A business's security system installation costs are typically comprised of hardware, general labor, and parts and accessories. The final price is dependent on the complexity of the project, the type of security system purchased, and the requirements of the company. A security expert will be able to give you an accurate quote based on the requirements of your company. The following are some tips on how to estimate the installation costs of a security system for businesses.

Activation and installation costs of a business security system may range from $1,390 to $10,870. This price range can vary widely, depending on the hardware and its features. A good idea is to estimate the cost of each component separately. The total installation costs should be at least $500 for small businesses. However, if you need multiple locations, the total cost of a business security system may be up to $10,000.

Activation fees

Activation fees for a security system are a common part of the installation and monitoring process for most security systems. These fees can range from $0 to $200 depending on the service company and plan selected. Some services do not charge an activation fee at all, while others offer reduced installation and equipment costs. Others charge higher activation fees every month, and some contracts have hidden fees. You should always compare different security monitoring services before deciding on a plan.

Video surveillance cameras

The cost of a video surveillance camera system can range from $400 to $800. The cost of cameras varies depending on how many you need, where they're being installed, and whether or not you need to purchase weatherproofing. A basic system will cost about $150 to $250 per camera, and one that has high-definition settings may cost about $350 more. However, if you're not concerned about the aesthetics of your security system, you can purchase a camera for less than $100.

The price of an average security camera depends on the quality of the camera and the features it has. A 4MP camera, also known as a 4-megapixel security camera, costs between $80 and $1,200. It has 30 percent more pixels than a 2MP camera and an 84-degree viewing angle. Higher resolution cameras cost more, but they provide more detailed images and have a longer memory capacity.


The monitoring costs of a security system for businesses vary, but there are some common factors to keep in mind. The cost depends on the size of the business, the type of system, and how much integration is necessary. Large companies typically have a security team on hand, but not every business can afford such a staff. A monitored security system can help a business protect itself from criminals, and it may even reduce the cost of a burglar alarm system.

One of the most significant factors that determine the monitoring costs of a security system for businesses is the type of alarm. While 2G and 3G technology is on its way out, businesses require more complex equipment, which can raise the monthly monitoring cost. In addition, alarm monitoring companies have to buy and maintain annual licenses to monitor businesses. A reliable security partner in Chicago can help business owners make the right choice for their needs and budget.


If you own a business in the security industry, you should consider financing your system with a line of credit. This type of credit is based on the advance rate of recurring monthly revenue, which most security companies have in their mid-twenties. There are several advantages to applying for a line of credit. Among them is the opportunity to choose a payment term that works for you. You can even apply for a line of credit if you have a previous record of paying off loans.

Purchasing security equipment can be a difficult process. Many companies choose to finance their systems through a third party. Financing a security system for businesses requires a business to find the right distribution company. This is different from purchasing a product directly from the manufacturer. Many security equipment manufacturers use licensed distributors to sell their products. These distributors can often offer additional services, rebate programs, and exclusive discounts for their customers.