Traver Home Winery

Since making wine together is what we love to do, it’s no surprise that enthusiasm has won us many awards and medals for our work. Click here to see a list of the awards and medals won by Traver Home Winery

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Bear's Den Red

Traver Home Winery Willow Springs Missouri Bears Den Red Semi Sweet Wine

A sweet, red wine, specially formulated to be a crowd-pleaser. This recipe was developed with the help and input from our customers. We say, “It’s a wine designed by committee!”


Traver Home Winery Willow Springs Missouri Chambourcin Wine

A hearty burgundy style of wine, with notes of black cherries and currents. Ours has undertones of oak. Some people say it’s Missouri’s answer to Merlot.


Traver Home Winery Willow Springs Missouri Chardonel Wine

Not fans of the oaky, buttery style, we push our Chardonel right along to keep it crisp and clean. Classic Chardonel with a round mouth feel, and light fruit flavors, a great wine for sipping or serving with dinner.

Dog's Breath Red

Traver Home Winery Willow Springs Missouri Dog's Breath Red Wine

This is our lightest, sweetest red wine, suitable for sipping anytime. It is our most popular wine.


Traver Home Winery Willow Springs Missouri Noiret

Noiret is a light red wine with a unique aroma and earthy tones in the flavor. It pairs well with spicy grilled foods or tomato sauce. Think spaghetti!

Norton Blend

Traver Home Winery Willow Springs Missouri Norton Blend Wine

This is “bone dry”, 100% Norton, a blend of two vintages from two different vineyards. Our own King Mountain Vineyard produced half the grapes in this wine. Big and bold Norton is Missouri’s state grape.

2010 Norton

Winner of a bronze medal in the Missouri Wine Competition. A round, mellow Norton with just the right touch of oak. Smoother than our popular Norton Blend, but still a light Norton.


Traver Home Winery Willow Springs Missouri Peach Wine

This semi-sweet wine has a strong peach aroma, followed by smooth peach flavors on the palate. We add a splash of grape wine to help round out the mouth feel. Some have described it as “peach cobbler in a glass!”

Pink Catawba

Traver Home Winery Willow Springs Missouri Pink Catawba Wine

An old-fashioned grape, semi-sweet Pink Catawba can be enjoyed by itself or with food. The floral nose announces the delicious fruit flavors that will grace the palate. It’s one of our most popular wines.


Traver Home Winery Willow Springs Missouri Vidal Wine

Vidal is a highly acidic grape, but this wine is sweetened just enough to bring out the fruit flavor. We also added small amounts of Vignoles to increase the nose and enhance the complexity in the mouth.


Still in the semi-sweet range, but toward the sweeter end, our 2009 Vignoles is the sweetest wine we make. It is still crisp and goes well with spicy foods or can be drunk as an aperitif.